FAQs / Vulcan Cladding – Vertical Grain, Standard Series

1. What’s the difference between the current Architectural Series and the new Standard Series?

The Architectural Series is our premium cladding product, crafted from Clear 1 grade feed stock timber to deliver a clean, high-end aesthetic.

The Standard Series is made from Clear 2 grade feed stock timber and brings a light natural character to the timber’s appearance – ideal for mid-range builds where premium clear lengths are not always required.

The Standard Series is also available in a limited range of colours and profiles. Accordingly, the Standard Series is available at a lower, more accessible price.

2. Why is one more expensive than the other?

The Architectural Series has a higher RRP than the Standard Series as it is made from a clearer grade of timber (which means a cleaner, clearer aesthetic without any knots or small blemishes) and the weatherboards are 20mm thick.

Standard Series weatherboards are 18mm thick and are available in a narrower range of finishes and standard profiles to keep the cost down.

3. How different are they in appearance?

The Standard Series has a slightly knottier ‘light character’ appearance, compared to the clear aesthetic of the Architectural Series.

As an indication, weatherboards in the Architectural Series are around 80% clear 3 sides, and the remaining 20% with one isolated feature allowed on the front face and edges.

In comparison, the Standard Series may have up to 50% clear 3 sides, and the remaining may have multiple features such as knots and resin pockets on the face and edges.

See Abodo Grade Rules for more detailed grade descriptions.

4. What’s the price difference between the two?

The price is approximately 30% different between the two products. Your local timber merchant will be able to confirm pricing.

5. How do the profiles vary between the two ranges?

The Architectural Series is available in a much wider range of profiles, including our popular secret fix profile. At this stage, the Standard Series is only available in one 18mm thick vertical profile and one horizontal profile – both are face fixed.

6. Which colours is the new Standard Series range available in?

Standard Series is available in our nine Protector coating colours. It is not available in our Sioo:x coating or Iron Vitriol colour.

The Architectural Series is available in all nine Protector coating colours, along with Sioo:x and Iron Vitriol.

Additionally, only the Architectural Series is available with the brushed, textured finish.

7. Is this product available internationally, or only in New Zealand?

At the moment, Vulcan Cladding – Standard Series is only available in New Zealand.

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