Abodo timbers are crafted to be enjoyed for years to come. Choose from our range of timbers, specifically designed coatings, and fixings.

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Exterior Cladding / Siding

Abodos Vulcan Timber Cladding thermally modified NZ pine

Vulcan Cladding - Vertical Grain

With patented vertical grain technology, this premium product is made using FSC® certified timber, thermally modified for superior beauty and durability.

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Vulcan Cladding Abodo Wood

Vulcan Cladding - Flatsawn

Abodo's flatsawn weatherboard cladding made using FSC® certified New Zealand plantation timber, thermally modified for superior beauty and durability.

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Vulcan Charred Timber Cladding by Abodo Wood

Vulcan Charred Cladding

Inspired by the traditional Japanese timber preservation process of yakisugi or shou sugi ban, Vulcan Charred is a richly textured timber cladding with a unique and highly textured black aesthetic.

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Tundra Timber Cladding Weatherboards Abodo Wood

Tundra Cladding

Abodo Tundra Cladding is produced from New Zealand plantation Douglas Fir heartwood, sourced from forests in New Zealand’s Central North Island.

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Vulcan Screening in Protector Natural Abodo Wood

Vulcan Screening

Engineered from thermally modified plantation timber with a unique vertical grain, Abodo Vulcan Screening is a high performance natural exterior timber.

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Vulcan Shingles Vulcan Cladding Abodo Wood

Vulcan Shingles

Abodo Vulcan Shingles are created using Vulcan timber, resulting in a product with all the beauty, durability and stability of this thermally modified eco-timber.

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