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The Seagull Wing Cabin

The Seagull Wing Cabin draws inspiration from nature, and utilises natural materials to bring the eye-catching concept to life.

The concept for this eye-catching project was based on ‘Jonothan Livingston Seagull’ - a book about a Seagull trying to perfect flight.

The roof from the exterior and interior is designed to create the impression of a seagull wing.

Abodo’s Tundra Cladding in Silicate finish was chosen for the exterior. Tundra’s rustic finish was preferred as the building was intended to be read more as a backcountry hut than a polished inner city house.

Additionally, the Silicate finish silvers off over time, to shades of silver that are close to the colour of seagulls.

Silicate also has low maintenance requirements which was useful as it was used over the roof cladding as a rainscreen.

Cleverly designed by Conor Dolman of Poached Studio, Dorset Construction were responsible for the build.

Conor says “[They] did an excellent job of working with the rainscreen which was formed by fixing a suspended deck over a membrane roof.”

Project Details
Completion date:
Mid 2020
Connor Dolman, Poached Studio
Dorset Construction
Tundra Cladding (AW51 Profile) in Silicate Wood Coating
Easbourne, Lower Hutt - New Zealand


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Timber: Vulcan Cladding

Type: Rusticated 90x20MM

Lineal Meters:


Total approximate weight - KG:


Fixings - Pieces:


Oil - Litres (second coat to front face installed):


Oil - Litres (one coat all sides + two coats face):


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