Tundra: Naturally Durable Cladding

Tundra Cladding is produced from carefully selected heart Douglas fir. Heart Douglas fir is one of the most eco-friendly timbers produced here in New Zealand.


Tundra Cladding can be used untreated while having a level of durability similar to H3.1 treated pine. This makes it naturally resistant to rot and insect attack without the need for chemical treatment.

Because it hasn’t been treated with chemicals any waste during construction such as shavings or sawdust can be left to compost directly into the garden soil without any concerns about contamination.

It is also possible to use Tundra inside your home – normally an application not considered with a chemically-treated product.

Tundra is a great locally grown alternative to imported Western Red Cedar or Macrocarpa weatherboards.


On top of the environmental benefits of Tundra, it weathers very well, and the natural smell is fantastic.

This is the reason Tundra Cladding was selected for use in the Longbush Ecosanctuary – one of New Zealand’s most sensitive eco projects.

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