Riverside Barn

This is no ordinary home: 3,740 sq ft of barn has been converted to the highest of standards by CP Scharff (in association with DCA Architects).

Project details

DCA Architects
CP Scharff
Vulcan Cladding - Vertical Grain (WB12) in OSMO 420 UV
Vulcan Cladding - Vertical Grain (WB12X) in OSMO 420 UV
Vulcan Screening in OSMO 420 UV
Timber Distributor
Glenalmond Timber
Photography credit
Matthew Cheetham
Completion date
Early 2020
St Albans, United Kingdom

Every aspect of this property has been carefully considered, including the exterior Vulcan timber cladding by Abodo Wood. Vulcan is a highly durable, thermally modified timber, sourced from rapidly renewable New Zealand plantations.

Thermal modification means the timber is treated with heat and steam (rather than chemicals), which results in enhanced durability and stability.

A clever combination of WB12 profiles in WB12, WB12F and WB12FX mean arandom width look is achieved, further softened a smooth riven surface CNC routed into the surface of the cladding.

Finger-jointing was utilised to achieve 6.2m and 4.5m fixed lengths - eliminating wastage on site. All trim, mouldings and fascia were supplied in vertical grain Vulcan Screening.

The external elements were factory coated with OSMO 420 UV protection in a clear finish.

Riverside Barn Vulcan Cladding Abodo Wood 4


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Vulcan Screening in Protector Natural Abodo Wood
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