Patterson Street

A beachside atmosphere is created in this North Bondi home, which features Abodo Vulcan Cladding inside and out.

Project details

Nick Bell Architects
PMD Build
Vulcan Cladding - Vertical Grain (WB12 Profile 138x20) in Protector - Patina
Vulcan Cladding - Vertical Grain (WB12F Profile 138x20) in Protector - Patina
Timber Distributor
Britton Timbers
Photography credit
Simon Whitbread
Completion date
Dec 2020
Sydney, Australia

A natural and warm material palette that includes Abodo eco-timber and boardform concrete helps to evoke a relaxed, beachside aesthetic in this North Bondi home. Sculptural features elevate the design, while clever planning allows for maximum space to be included in a limited building envelope.

Designed by Nick Bell Architects, the home is rich in sustainability aspects, including an array of solar panels, rainwater tanks, a high level of insulation, flooring that acts as a thermal mass, and a carefully chosen palette of materials that includes Abodo Vulcan Cladding - Vertical Grain.

The exterior of the home features Abodo Vulcan WB12 138x20 weatherboards finished with Protector - Patina, which gives them an even weathered look that reflects the tone of beachside boardwalks. At the street-facing side of the house, this timber is used for the front door and surrounds. It also clads the garage door, where it is juxtaposed against the concrete elements of the garage form and gate entryway, which includes a built-in planter box to soften this facade with tropical greenery.

This side of the home was designed with the principles of the golden ratio in mind, which can be seen in the division of materials and size of the upper windows. The form and size of the building matches the neighboring properties, allowing this new building to fit into an established neighborhood.

Despite site constraints, the interior feels spacious and airy, with the open-plan living spaces downstairs designed with versatility in mind. A guest bedroom with ensuite doubles as a second living room for the children.

Operable louvres over the terrace allow this space to be used as an outdoor room no matter the weather, and sliding doors on both sides allow for easy flow between the lower floor spaces and outdoor areas. Pitched roofs over the bedrooms upstairs give the impression of lofty spaces while still meeting the site’s height restrictions.

Inside, Abodo Vulcan Cladding (WB12F) is used for the ceilings, where it creates a natural warmth that carries through the home. The sculptural lightwell, a true feature of the interior, glows with the rich texture of the timber.

The Abodo Vulcan timber is finished in Protector - Patina both inside and outside. This product must be applied to the timber on site to ensure consistency and quality of finish, a labour of love with a beautiful result.

Protector - Patina is a penetrating coating developed to nourish and protect the timber using waterborne technology, which combines refined plant oils, UV protection and natural fungicides. Rather than allowing the timber to weather over time, which can have patchy results depending on exposure to sun and rain, this finish provides an even result from application.

The rear of the home is mostly glazed, with a section of Abodo Vulcan Cladding used for the upper terrace balustrade. Being so close to the beach, the home is designed with outdoor living in mind, with a pool, outdoor shower, plenty of shade and tropical planting. For the family of four who live here, this is a home to cherish and live in long term, with space to play and relax and plenty of opportunities to connect with the outdoors.


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