Vulcan Joinery - Vertical Grain

With patented vertical grain technology, this laminated, thermally modified joinery timber delivers superb stability throughout the years and can be either paint or stain finished.

Timber joinery has made a comeback in modern homes, due to its wellness and sustainability benefits as well as its naturally warm look and feel. An excellent choice for windows, doors and interior joinery in both paint and stain finish.

Vulcan Joinery - Vertical Grain is created from thermally modified New Zealand plantation timber and engineered with a vertical grain construction for superior weathering characteristics.

The thermal modification process combined with lamination means Vulcan Joinery has enhanced stability, reduced resin content, is a beautiful homogenous brown colour, and is naturally durable so does not require any chemical preservatives.

Customisable and available in a variety of sizes, we supply various lengths of joinery timber from 2.1m - 4.8m, ready for joinery craftsmen to work with.

Compact Central City Bungalow Vulcan Timber Abodo Wood 6

Finish + Colour

* Colour variation may occur due to variation in the natural substrate. Colour may change/fade as part of the weathering process.ocess.

Vulcan Joinery Vertical Grain in Protector Natural Abodo Wood

Vulcan Joinery – Uncoated

Vulcan Joinery – Uncoated

* Colour variation may occur due to variation in the natural substrate. Colour may change/fade as part of the weathering process.

Vulcan Joinery Vertical Grain in Protector Natural Abodo Wood

Thermally modified timber

Vulcan timbers are treated with heat and steam rather than chemicals, which means the product is ‘pre-shrunk’ and will be more stable in service.

Superior Thermal Conductivity
With an excellent thermal conductivity rating of ~0.095 W/(mK) (EN12667), Vulcan windows and doors help to deliver warm and healthy homes.

Natural Durability
This product is naturally durable and contains no wood preservatives. Just as nature intended. Durability Class 1 (EN350-1).

Climate credentials

Preservative Free
Free from chemical preservatives and solvents.

Carbon Negative
Vulcan Joinery timber is a carbon negative building material. Each square metre of 20mm thick Vulcan timber stores 9.74 kg of carbon.

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Certified
A guarantee that forest products come from responsibly managed sources, including forest management and chain of custody.

Timber details

Declare Certified
Declare certified Red List Free by the Living Futures Institute, the leading label in transparency for building products.

Red List Free
Free from Red List chemicals as required by the Living Building Challenge.

Built to Last Warranty
Vulcan Joinery is covered by a 15 year Built to Last Warranty.

Dunlop Hub Vulcan Joinery Abodo Wood 42

Photo credit: Dunlop Builders


Do you supply finished windows and doors?

No. We supply the raw timber only for use by third party joinery manufacturers.

What are your standard length and profile sizes?

We supply a range of standard section sizes including 25, 50, 54, 63, 75mm nominal thickness. Being rough sawn timber, actual dimensions may vary. Length is typically 3.0-4.8m. Refer to the current technical data sheet for standard available offer.

Can you provide custom sizes or cuts based on specific project requirements?

This may be possible subject to availability and minimum order quantities. Please enquire with us first.

Where can I buy Vulcan Joinery timber?

Contact your local timber joinery manufacturer and request Abodo Vulcan timber for your project. Alternatively talk to us and we can direct you to the nearest Abodo manufacturer.

What finish is Vulcan Joinery timber supplied in?

The timber is supplied in rough sawn format for use by manufacturers. Machining and finishing is completed by third party manufacturers.

Is Vulcan Joinery timber best suited to a coating or painted finish?

Vulcan accepts most coatings well. Vulcan laminated Vertical Grain can be used for paint or stain finish although paint is recommended in highly exposed exterior applications. Vulcan Flat Sawn is suitable for paint finish or interior applications only. We recommend verifying compatibility with the coating manufacturer and testing prior to specification or application in all cases.

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