Building a New Deck this Summer?
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Building a New Deck this Summer?

If you are considering building a new deck this summer, there are a few things to consider.

Firstly, do you have an existing deck to remove?

If so, find out if it is treated wood – if it is then be very careful about disposal of this product. As if it was treated with the old CCA product – it is hazardous, especially when burnt. To be safe always wear gloves while handling this material.

Secondly, look at your new deck options.

You could opt for another softwood treated deck, but this would be just replacing with the same and the new treatments are not as good as the old CCA used to be.

Additionally, treatment penetration of the new chemical is not as good and only penetrates to a small depth leaving the centre of the boards open to rot from the inside out when punctured by fixings if not sealed. Many imported tropical hardwood species are from non-sustainable sources, or from dubious supply sources and are expensive.

However, if you are looking for that quality look and feel Abodo Thermally treated decking is the one for you. Using our own Abodo process the timber is taken up to 230deg C giving it a lovely golden/chocolate brown finish which when profiled has the look of some more expensive hardwood products.

The other benefits of the Abodo process is the removing of all the sugar and free water giving a full through board chemical free treatment that improves stability and helps prevents the chance of insect or fungal attack.

We recommend FSC® certified wood products, and of course our own Abodo Decking Timber range – is FSC certified,

The next question is fixing

Should you nail or screw your deck down? We always recommend screw. Screws have better hold down and can be removed and re-fixed easily without damage to decking boards. However, you should be specific about the type of screw you use. We suggest a stainless-steel screw, like the Abodo Decking Screw or the German Spax brand, these are quality products specifically designed for decking.

Yes, screw is more expensive than nails but give you a better deck for longer. And less nail popping!

Finally, think about the finishing on your deck

Leaving the wood to “silver off” is a favoured, low maintenance option, however your decking timber will age faster, develop more cracks, and ultimately have a shorter life span. A better option is to choose a penetrating oil – such as Abodo Protector Oil. This kind of oil penetrates the wood, nourishing it and extending the lifespan and appearance of the wood. Steer clear of film forming decking coatings, they will crack and flake.

Building a deck should be fun! The right choices in materials and tools will ensure you get a great result.

For more information is available via these links for our Abodo decking timber and timber cladding. Make the safe, green choice!


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