Berkter Hoef Farmhouse
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Berkter Hoef Farmhouse

Heritage farmhouse gets modern refresh using Abodo’s Sand Rhombus timber

Built in 1680, this farmhouse has a rich history and is classified as a national monument. However, somewhat neglected over the years and damaged by fire, the heritage building was at risk of collapsing.

François van den Waardenburg and his wife bought the farmhouse partway through the reconstruction, with the plan to make it habitable again.

“The farm is in an ideal location for me, it’s beautifully rural and 800m away from my parents. I live in Veldhoven and often visited the farm, appreciating the unique features of the building.” says Francois.

After a thorough renovation in two phases, including a contemporary extension, this special piece of cultural heritage is ready for a long future.

A challenge for specialists

François also saw that the renovation would be a major challenge: “I immediately brought in specialists, such as Buytels and EIKplan architects. They were involved in the first reconstruction phase so were able to continue building on that.”

Tijs Karsmakers of EIKplan Architects says “The farmhouse was in poor condition, but it was a national monument and we had to take that into account in the plans and materials.

We came up with a completely new extension where the previous barn had burnt down - it has the same silhouette as the original barn, but with a contemporary design and materials. ”

A modern nod to traditional materials

Tijs says “Fortunately, the heritage committees realised that the building had to be suitable for use in this era. François wanted to live in the old farmhouse and have his office in the new extension. So we gave a contemporary translation to the traditional materials that were used.”

“We opted for wooden cladding for the end façade as this fits well with the rural environment and references the original wooden shed. The wooden façade cladding had to be coated, otherwise the material would turn grey over time.

The material supplier Remco Bakker from MKK presented Abodo’s Sand Rhombus from Plastica. Sand Rhombus timber cladding in Teak finish has a natural wood tone which immediately gives a warm feel to the property. The sheeting and reed is grey, and the frames are also dark grey - so the timber provides a contrasting colour which brings it all together.”

Sand Rhombus cladding is made from 100% Radiata Pine and has a particularly beautiful grain structure. Because the timber is treated, it retains the natural properties of wood but requires very little maintenance.

François says: “All in all, I am very happy with the end result, it was a lot of hard work and we’re proud that the Berkter Hoef has regained the appearance it deserves.”

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Sand Rhombus in Teak Finish


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